Over the past 25 years, Summerbridge has impacted over 4,500 youth, and every student and student teacher played a part in helping make Summerbridge the amazing place that it is today. We’re grateful for all the different contributions our alumni have made over the years, and we hope this support can continue to grow in the future.

We recently started the Alumni Giving Initiative to provide an exciting new platform for our former students and student teachers to continue the tradition of giving back to the program. This initiative offers an opportunity for our alumni community around the world to contribute to Summerbridge in an impactful way. By contributing monthly, they will help create a long-term and sustainable source of support for Summerbridge and ensure that the organization can last a lifetime and provide services for future generations of students.

How Do I Join?
To become a part of the initiative, simply complete the credit card donation process below to begin your monthly contribution. If you would like to set up a monthly direct deposit through your bank account instead, please contact our office at 2761-4444 for setup instructions. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much, Summerbridge Family!