The Need



Narrowing the Wealth Gap

Hong Kong is known as a global city, but economic disparities create enormous challenges for students from underprivileged socioeconomic backgrounds. Besides mainstream schooling, educational programs available to such students are few and wanting. Without the socioeconomic resources to propel them forward, a large number of students are inevitably left behind. We recognize however that our youth are talented, full of potential, and have much to offer our society. It is only a matter of opportunity. Summerbridge plays a role by providing opportunities to these students, exposing them to different ideas, cultures, and perspectives. Summerbridge steps in to empower our students to have a stronger belief in themselves and to believe that high aspirations are achievable, regardless of background.


Enhancing Education

While the Hong Kong education system strives to prepare students for their academic futures, Summerbridge looks to show its students that education is also a lifelong journey. Summerbridge exposes students to diverse subjects and ideas taught by student teachers from around the world. Students are exposed to a more colorful world and become motivated to pursue further experiences and opportunities on their own.


Improving English Standards

English is the most useful and international language today. Hong Kong has in recent years seen a trend of declining English standards. Summerbridge bolsters the English communication skills of its students, by helping them gain confidence and proficiency in the use of the language. Summerbridge provides a proven and supportive learning environment where students are immersed in the language and become comfortable communicating effectively in English across cultural boundaries.


Inspiring Future Educators

Teaching is a challenging profession. Every community needs strong teachers to lead and inspire youth, but finding talent can be hard. Summerbridge provides a comprehensive teaching experience to its student teachers that inspires young people from diverse communities to consider education as a critical and rewarding career. The experience highlights not just the rewards of being a teacher, but also the joy inherent in educating youth.