Who They Are


Summerbridge students are motivated Form 2 and Form 3 students, aged 13 to 15, recruited from local secondary schools. Our students come from financially and socially underprivileged backgrounds, and are often unable to afford other learning opportunities and enrichment programs.

Students apply to Summerbridge during their Form 2 school year, and must be willing to participate in Summerbridge programs for the requisite 14 consecutive months. To recruit students, Summerbridge developed partnerships with more than 20 local government schools. In this partnership, school teachers and school social workers agree to work with Summerbridge to recruit students who are qualified and will benefit most from the program. School teachers also help Summerbridge to communicate with and support the students throughout the school year.

Goals for Our Students:

  • Significantly improve English communication skills
  • Raise self-confidence and interpersonal skills
  • Develop leadership abilities
  • Foster a love of learning
  • Enhance study skills and provide academic support
  • Motivate students to invest in their own education

2021 Student Demographics

From Families Earning Below 55% of Median Household Income or Receiving CSSA
From Single or No-parent Families

“Students feel special at Summerbridge. We learn that we have a voice and are listened to here. No one has the same fingerprints and appearance as you and me. We respect each other and there is so much love at Summerbridge. To respect ourselves and to respect others is also education and we want to share that with everyone we meet. My dream is to travel the world!"

Janet Tsui

“Before Summerbridge, I used to be very shy, but I am much more confident now because we learn how to cooperate with each other. I loved meeting the Summerbridge teachers from different countries and different parts of Hong Kong. After seeing how amazing they are, my dream is to become a Summerbridge teacher in the future.”

Jayden Lee

“Summerbridge taught me how to be positive. When we do cheers or give speeches in front of everyone, all of the teachers and students are very encouraging. The biggest impact on me is that I am not afraid to speak in public anymore. My dream is to be an engineer to make people’s lives better.”

Mickey Leung