Sponsors & Community Partners

The Summerbridge program would not be possible if not for the effort, time, and financial support given by our generous supporters. The following are sponsors and community partners for our 2015 – 2023 Fiscal Years:


  • Henderson Land Development Company Limited
  • The Kadoorie Charitable Foundation
  • Peter Bennett Foundation
  • Capstone Prep Education Center
  • Centre for Asian Philanthropy and Society Limited
  • Chantecler Hong Kong Limited
  • Christian Dior Far East Ltd.
  • Consular Corps Spouses Committee
  • Creative Secondary School
  • Dr. Pauline Chan Charitable Foundation
  • Dynamic View Ltd.
  • English Schools Foundation
  • Evergreen Bright Limited
  • Gap Inc.
  • General Atlantic Corporation
  • Glamour To Give Charity Limited
  • Harold K. Raisler Foundation Inc.
  • Hinrich Foundation
  • Hong Kong – Taiwan Business Cooperation Committee
  • Island School
  • Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation
  • Jungle Paradise Education Limited
  • Leung Hon Hung Scholarship Fund
  • Mission Possible Foundation Limited
  • Open Space
  • SanDisk Corporation Fund
  • Search Investment Group Limited
  • Target Corporation
  • The CLSA Chairman's Trust
  • The Frans Loing Charitable Foundation
  • The Hong Kong Club Foundation Limited
  • The Hong Kong Metropolitan Sports Events Association Limited
  • The Incorporated Trustees of The Cheng Foundation
  • The Lai Shiu On Tong Foundation
  • The Shamdasani Foundation
  • The Wednesday Afternoon Golf Society
  • The Yu Lee Mo Fan Charitable Foundation
  • TX Capital (HK) Limited
  • Yearfull Contracting Limited
  • Yu To Sang and Yu Tang Kam Che Memorial Fund
  • Zeng Liqing Singularity Charitable Foundation


  • Ms. Alberto, Lucy
  • Ms. Au, Joyce
  • Mr. Auyang, Evan
  • Miss Bharvani, Bhavna
  • Mr. Bruce., Matthew
  • Mr. Campbell, Shawn
  • Miss Chan, Hoi Ki
  • Mr. Chaudhary, Ayush
  • Ms. Chen, Jennifer
  • Ms. Cheng, Gigi
  • Mr. Cheng, King Hung
  • Mr. Cheung, Samuel
  • Mr. Ching, David
  • Miss Chong, Yi Man
  • Mr. Chow, Clifford
  • Miss Chow, Mira
  • Ms. Chow, Sik Ki
  • Mr. Cobetto, Albert and Ms. Hansen, Karin
  • Mr. Cunningham, James
  • Mr. Duhn, Roland B.
  • Mr. Eno, Stephen
  • Mr. Farley, Matthew
  • Mr. Fung, Kam
  • Ms. Fung So Kuen and Mr. Yiu Mau Lung
  • Mr. Fung, Shi Chang
  • Mr. Griffiths, Anthony
  • Mr. Growney, Colton
  • Mr. Halperin, David Richard
  • Miss Hicks, Eleanor
  • Miss Hon, Kathy
  • Ms. Hon, Stefanie Maria
  • Ms. Kam, Yuen Man
  • Mr. Koo, Kingsley
  • Mr. Koo, Wellington
  • Ms. Kuan, Teresa
  • Miss Lam, Mona
  • Miss Lam, Sze Man Mandy
  • Miss Lau, Janet Yi Hang
  • Mr. Lau, Pak Hin Patrick
  • Mr. Lawrence, Collin
  • Mr. Lee, Edmund
  • Mr. Lee, Edwin
  • Mr. Lee, Jason
  • Ms. Lee, Rebecca
  • Ms. Lee, Yuen Mui
  • Mr. Leung, Chin San
  • Mr. Leung, Ezra
  • Mr. Leung, Ka Kei
  • Mr. Li, Ning
  • Miss Li, Zoe
  • Ms. Ling, Alvina
  • Mr. Lok, Man Chit
  • Mr. Lun, William
  • Miss Ma, Christine
  • Mr. Ma, Christopher
  • Mr. McGeough, Richard
  • Mr. Midgley, Jonathan
  • Ms. Nakagawa, Darlene
  • Miss Nagpal, Simran
  • Mr. Ng, Rocky
  • Ms. Ng, Stephanie
  • Ms. Ngan, Prudence
  • Ms. Nguyen, Kristine
  • Miss Or, Siu Lin
  • Mr. Pillay, Rahul
  • Ms. Poon, Philana
  • Mr. Robinson, Charles Paul
  • Mr. Scheuch, Schuyler
  • Mr. Sharkey, Michael and Mrs. Sharkey, Karen
  • Mrs. Shroff, Purviz
  • Mr. Sing, Allen
  • Ms. Sing, Cynthia
  • Ms. Sing, Lillian
  • Miss Smith, Eve Elizabeth
  • Mr. So, Tommy Fu-Ming
  • Mr. So, Tsz Ho
  • Mr. Tam, Lai Kim
  • Mr. Tam, Sze Lok
  • Miss Tan, Karmen
  • Mr. Tsang, Ho Pan Robin
  • Mr. Tung, Manson
  • Ms. Wan, Clarissa
  • Mr. Wang, Kevin
  • Ms. Wong, Alice
  • Mr. Wong, Christian
  • Mr. Wong, Chang Zhe Ernest
  • Mr. Wong, Kevin and Mrs. Wong, Amy
  • Ms. Wong, Michelle
  • Ms. Wong, Tania
  • Wong, Wai Kei
  • Ms. Yeung, Wai Kwok
  • Miss Yeung, Hoi Ying
  • Mr. Yeung, Vincent
  • Miss Yip, Joanna
  • Ms. Yiu, Man Nga Kimmy
  • Miss Yun, Jennifer
  • Mr. Zen, Leo


  • Bradbury School
  • Breakthrough Collaborative
  • Buddhist Chi King Primary School
  • Canadian International School
  • Chinese International School
  • City University of Hong Kong
  • Coca-Cola
  • Creative Secondary School
  • English Schools Foundation
  • Hong Kong Baptist University
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • IOT HK Association (Mr. Wilson Chong)
  • Island School
  • Kennedy School
  • King George V School
  • Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong
  • Motorola
  • Peak School
  • Quarry Bay School
  • Renaissance College
  • Sarah Roe School
  • Sha Tin College
  • South China Morning Post
  • South Island School
  • St. Stephen's Girls' College
  • Swire Group
  • Targus Asia Pacific Limited
  • Tastee Gourmet Asia Company Limited
  • The University of Hong Kong
  • The Walt Disney Company (Asia Pacific) Limited
  • West Island School
  • Prof. Chiu, Marcus
  • Ms. Jong, Yvette
  • Ms. Meiburg, Debra MW
  • Prof. Wong, Victor


Diamond Sponsors

Ryoden Development Ltd.

Parkland Property Management Ltd.

Gold Sponsor

Mr. Rusy M. Shroff, BBS, MBE, and Mrs. Purviz R. Shroff

Silver Sponsor

Kishinchand Chellaram Foundation


Henderson Land Group

In-Kind Sponsors

Bonaqua® Mineralized Water

b.yu Designs

Henderson Warmth Volunteer Team

Hong Kong St. John Ambulance

Island School


New Gift


Tastee Gourmet


  • Ms. Chong, Linda
  • Mr. Duhn, Cliff
  • Mr. Fogarty, James
  • Mr. Fowler, James
  • Ms. Ingkavet, Monica
  • Mr. Johnson, Holly
  • Ms. Kong, Yoon Ping S
  • Mr. Kwok, Robert
  • Mr. Kwon, Yul
  • Lam, Y. Mei
  • Miss Lee, Rose
  • Ms. Lee, Jayne
  • Mr. Lee, Thomas
  • Mr. Ling, Evan
  • Mr. Marr, Gregory
  • Ms. Ngan, Prudence
  • Ms. Sing, Nancy
  • Mr. Sing, Allen
  • Mr. Sobolewski, Grant
  • Mr. Stevens, Randy
  • Tong, Wei-Lin
  • Ms. Truong, Wendy
  • Mr. Tsai, Minh
  • Ms. Wang, Linda
  • Mr. Wofsy, Kevin
  • Ms. Wong, Elizabeth
  • Mr. Wong, R.C.
  • Ms. Woo, Alice
  • Mr. Young, Mark
  • Mr. Yung, Eric


  • Mrs. Cathy Lee for her continual effort and support as our Honorary Patron.
  • The English Schools Foundation for providing school facilities.
  • Island School for providing school facilities.
  • King George V School for providing school facilities.
  • Canadian International School for providing school facilities.
  • Renaissance College for providing school facilities.
  • Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong for providing school facilities.
  • BDO Limited for serving as Summerbridge’s honorary auditors.
  • Henderson Land Group


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