What will I teach at Summerbridge?

We encourage student teachers to teach what they are passionate about. In the past, student teachers have taught subjects as diverse as Sociology, Aviation, Product Design, and Hip-Hop Culture. Student teachers not only teach their subjects, but also build English communication skills and life skills in their classes and other activities outside of the classroom.

How do you teach English as a second language?

While teaching, student teachers use English Language Development (ELD) strategies to help individual students with different English levels develop their proficiency and confidence in the language. Student teachers learn about these interactive strategies during orientation.

Besides teaching, what other responsibilities will I have?

In addition to academics, Summerbridge aims to develop the life skills of our students. Student teachers work in committees to plan and facilitate special events to help students build life skills. Additionally, in groups of two or three, student teachers teach a sports and electives class throughout the summer.

Where is Summerbridge located?

Every year, Summerbridge is held at different international schools in Hong Kong. In recent years, we have been located at Island School, South Island School, and King George V School. These schools are located on Hong Kong Island and in Kowloon.

When is Summerbridge?

For more information on the summer program dates, please visit the Apply section.

How will I travel to Summerbridge each day?

The school site where you teach will be easily accessible by public transportation. In some circumstances, we may help arrange a bus from a convenient location to facilitate student teachers getting to Summerbridge.

Am I required to attend all the program dates if I join Summerbridge?

Yes. We expect that every student teacher will fully commit to all the program dates and will avoid making conflicting commitments to other activities during the summer. The Summerbridge program is quite intense and requires your full commitment.

How intense is the workload?

The summer program is a challenging and rewarding experience. Student teachers can generally expect work days that go from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm - Monday to Friday (and some Saturdays) - with time spent outside of Summerbridge to plan lessons and activities.

What language do we speak at Summerbridge?

As Summerbridge is an English immersion environment, the only language we speak at Summerbridge is English. This helps our students to achieve their goal of improving their proficiency in the language.

English is not my first language. Can I still teach at Summerbridge?

Yes, you can teach at Summerbridge. Every summer, we have a diverse group of student teachers that includes both native and non-native English speakers. As long as you are comfortable communicating and teaching in English, you can teach with us.

Are Summerbridge student teachers paid?

Student teachers are provided with a stipend, to cover basic food and travel expenses incurred while working at Summerbridge. Accommodation and an airfare allowance are provided to student teachers with previous Breakthrough or Summerbridge Summer Program experience.

I really want to come teach at Summerbridge, but I’m not sure if I can afford the airfare and housing. Any ideas?

Many student teachers have secured funding through their university or career center. Others have also found third party scholarships to help with the travel and housing costs. We recommend checking with your school to see what options are available.

Where do I stay? I don’t have any friends or family in Hong Kong.

We can only provide housing and airfare subsidies to teachers who have previous experience teaching for the Summerbridge or Breakthrough programs in the United States. However, Summerbridge can help new student teachers reserve a room at a local hostel. The hostel is an affordable, dormitory-style facility that many other Summerbridge teachers also use during the summer. You would need to cover the cost of this accommodation.

I’m not a Hong Kong citizen. Do I need a visa in order to work in Hong Kong?

Yes, you will need a visa to work with us. However, if we hire you, we will take care of the process and apply for the visa on your behalf. During the visa process, you will need to provide a valid passport and fill out various forms. Please note that it takes 4-6 weeks to obtain the appropriate visa from the Immigration Department; therefore, we strongly encourage you to turn in your application no later than February.

Is it difficult to become a Summerbridge student teacher? Is teaching experience important?

Our admissions process for the student teachers is highly selective – every year we receive hundreds of applications. While teaching experience is helpful, it is not required. As long as you are highly motivated, enthusiastic, and have a strong passion for working with young people, you have a strong chance of being accepted.

I am not a high school or university student. Can I apply to teach in Summerbridge?

Unfortunately, you must be currently attending school to teach at Summerbridge. If you are an experienced teacher and have a strong interest in working for Summerbridge, you may enquire about administrative positions by contacting our Executive Director.