What will I learn at Summerbridge?

You learn how to communicate in English at Summerbridge, while learning new and interesting subjects like Marketing, Public Speaking, and Environmental Science. But Summerbridge is about much more than English - you will also build your self-confidence, study skills, teamwork and leadership skills. You will also meet teachers from different backgrounds and cultures.

What language do we speak at Summerbridge?

The only language we speak at Summerbridge is English. Lessons are in English. We speak English at lunch. If you need to ask where the washroom is, you also ask in English. Everything is in English!

I don’t speak English very well. How will I be able to communicate at Summerbridge?

Don’t worry! Everyone is learning at Summerbridge. Your teachers and fellow students will help you and give you support. You can also use hand gestures, drawings, and other ways to communicate your ideas.

How much does it cost to join Summerbridge?

Tuition at Summerbridge is 100% free! The only cost you must pay is for part of your lunch, which is $350 for the entire summer.

Do I need to bring my own lunch to Summerbridge?

No. We provide lunchboxes every day! You will need to pay for part of the cost at the beginning of every summer.

Where is Summerbridge?

Each summer, the English Schools Foundation provides school facilities for Summerbridge to use. While the schools may be different each summer, in recent years, we have used Island School, South Island School, and King George V School. These schools are located on Hong Kong Island or Kowloon.

How will I travel to Summerbridge each day?

We will provide a free bus from a convenient location that will take you to Summerbridge every day.

Who are the other students at Summerbridge?

All students at Summerbridge are also Form 2 and Form 3 students, coming from different schools all around Hong Kong.

Who are the teachers at Summerbridge?

Teachers at Summerbridge are students themselves. They come from high schools and universities around the world. We have had teachers from Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, China, Korea, the Philippines, and many other places!

Can I join for just one summer?

If you want to join Summerbridge, then you must commit for all 14 months. That includes two summers (after your Form 2 and Form 3 school years), as well as some Saturdays during your Form 3 school year. Please be 100% sure that you can come to Summerbridge for the whole 14 months before applying. There are many students who want to join Summerbridge, and we can only accept the students who can come to the whole program. To see more information about the program dates, please visit the Apply section.